The Benefits of Preventive Medicine

Awareness is key to preventing many health conditions. Yet despite our good intentions we let small niggles go on for too long and we delay seeking help hoping the pain or worrying symptoms will simply disappear. But what if we told you that by servicing your body frequently with a combination of treatments you could boost your chances of staying in optimal health? Regular visits to a Naturopath, Massage Therapist, Osteopath or Acupuncturist can support you to stay healthy naturally. Here, we share some insider tips.

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Robert Fendall
4 things you didn’t know your Osteopath can help you with

How can Osteopathy benefit my overall health? 

The Osteopathic philosophy is to treat the person as a whole, not just the specific symptoms. 

Osteopathic treatment can help to alleviate the underlying cause of pain, release tension and increase the range of motion in your joints, reduce blood pressure, improve circulation and help the body to adapt to hormonal and structural changes during pregnancy. 

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Eating seasonally to nourish your body

Have you noticed that a lot of fruits and vegetables are available in your supermarket ALL year round looking absolutely perfect? Have you ever wondered how this is possible?


Have a closer look at  where these fruits and vegetables are coming from, often produce is either being imported or grown in artificial environments so they can stay available all year round.

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Do You Hold Your Breath At work?

We already know that sitting in front of screens for any length of time can be bad for your posture and bad for your back. Now it turns out that just the act of concentrating on a screen might even be bad for your health. Luckily there’s an easy fix.

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Robert Fendall
Happy Lunar New Year! 

2019 the year of the Earth Pig is one of love, friendship and abundance, a special year for fertility.

Chinese medicine has a long and established history of supporting reproductive health, going back more than 700 years, when gynecology first became a distinct discipline in the imperial court of the Song dynasty. 

The Acupuncture Pregnancy Clinic (within CBD Health) the first of it’s kind, has been supporting the women, men and their families since 2008, and has set the benchmark for the many other clinics to follow.

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5 Things to Know about Detoxing

Are you finding it hard to get back into work-life after the holidays? 
Have you let your health go over the festive season?  You’re not alone!

Many of us struggle to find the motivation to deal with the extra weight that creeps on over Christmas.   

Detoxing is an easy way to recalibrate your body and bring your energy, metabolism and health back on track. 

A well-balanced detox is like hitting the reset button, but it needs to be done right in order to be effective.   

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Sleep Well Tonight

Dreaming of getting a good night’s sleep? You are not alone. It is estimated that over 1.2 million of us struggle to get good rest and that can make your life difficult.  Sleep is as important to your health as diet and exercise. If you don’t get the sleep you need, you don’t restore and refresh your body and your brain and as a result you don’t function as well as you could. You can’t focus or concentrate—and in addition, sleep problems increase the risk factors for a whole lot of medical issues including heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.

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