The 12 accidents of Christmas Past

Many of us in the festive season feel the need to push right through to the very end. The silly season or the “silly injury season”, a time when we see more unusual injuries and accidents than any other time of the year. We hope these reminders below help you to survive the holiday season ahead.

Whilst we are all looking forward to celebrating the festive season ahead, it is easy to get a little bit carried away. The silly season is a time when we see more unusual injuries and accidents than any other time of the year. We hope that these reminders below will help you avoid any “silly season injuries” and enjoy/survive? your holidays ahead.

  1. Too much Christmas “cheer” appears to be blamed for many a sprained ankle and sore heads.
  2. Tiredness is the number one cause of slowing reflexes and the end of year is when we are all approaching exhaustion. Think of tiredness as being like
  3. You’re done! It’s time to taper. Your fitness goals and weight plans have been achieved and at the pointy end of the year fatigue weighs heavy, pushing now will only bring tears and cause more strains and sprains than gains.
  4. Beware of Christmas Trees! Take your time and remember your OHS training when setting up the Christmas tree and climbing ladders to hang lights and decorations.
  5. The Westfield Nightmare. It always takes twice as long as you allow, you always end up carrying more than you thought and your bags are always heavier and more awkward, and the car is always parked further away than you thought - More trips, smaller expeditions, manage/avoid? the crowds… shop online.
  6. ‘Santa’s helper’. Beware of tripping over Christmas wrapping paper, newly opened gifts and that half finished train set...tippy toes.
  7. Tell, don’t show! When teaching ‘junior’ how to ride a new skateboard, scooter or roller blade. This is a big one for mums and dads… remember don’t show.
  8. The “Ikea Factor” - Don’t let that complicated flat pack or trampoline construction drive you crazy this Christmas.. Airtask it instead!!
  9. Keep an eye out for champagne corks. The number one cause of eye injuries during Christmas and New Year.
  10. Packing for holidays.  Challenges of packing the car, carrying luggage or shuffling through airport queues - give yourself time and be patient
  11. Holiday sports. Often it’s been a year since you’ve last tried this sport whether it be surfing, paddle boarding, scuba diving, or snow sports. Be prepared and careful with the conditions and ease into your activities.
  12. New Year’s resolutions. Wait until the new year.

    On behalf of CBD Health wishing you a safe and happy festive season. 
    Robert Fendall. 



Robert Fendall