How to Survive Christmas Party Season

Party season is officially upon us. Late nights and dinners of canapés, crisps and champagne are about to take your social calendar by storm. But don’t panic. You can still enjoy the festive season without losing all of the health and fitness you’ve worked so hard to gain.

1) Eat a big lunch during the day

That way you won’t have an empty stomach when you hit the big bash and you won’t get too hungry during the night. This will help you to avoid snacking on unhealthy food after you’ve had a couple of drinks.

2) Stay hydrated

Keep a bottle of water with you and drink from it all day, so you don’t start the proceedings already dehydrated. Aim to drink at least 1.5 litres during the day. Coconut water is also a great way to increase liquid intake and also electrolytes.

3) Get your liver in shape

Talk to your Naturopath about a herbal mix, things like the herb Milk Thistle has been shown to assist and improve liver health. Also ensuring as well as the indulgent lunches you are still getting a good serve of greens.

4) Pass on the punch

Punch bowls are notorious for containing a concoction of booze that surprisingly tastes great - but is impossible to gauge how much you have actually drunk and this will come back to haunt you the next day. Punch is also highly calorific, especially if a number of juices and mixers are added in.

5) Avoid the buffet.

Eat mindfully Eat a plate of food then put it down. Rather than standing near the buffet and tucking into it all night long – a sure way of over-indulging.

6) Canapé choices

Canapés will most likely be making the rounds and you don’t have to abstain from all snacks. In fact, eating may do you some good. Try to avoid anything deep fried or too beige and fit in at least a couple of vegetable options like chopped crudities. Looking for options with a dose of protein such as smoked salmon is also a great choice.

7) Eat what you like

Only eat what you actually like – not just what’s put under your nose. Remember eating is not compulsory at these events! Although having a small meal is advised to mitigate any effects of the alcohol.

8) Pace yourself

A few festive cocktails to get merry is okay – but if you start to feel drunk and disorderly – JUST STOP! That way you’ll avoid any embarrassment and limit the number of unhealthy alcoholic drinks you consume.

9) Hit the dance floor

Even if you’re not a natural mover it will keep you distracted from food or alcohol. It’s also a great way to burn calories.

10) Pick healthy mixers

Stick to spirits with healthy mixers like slimline tonic or diet lemonade. Cocktails might seem tempting, but they are often a very high-calorie option, especially any made with creamy liqueurs, fresh cream, coconut milk or cream. And, most importantly, enjoy yourself! Think of the party as a bit of a treat - if you follow these rules, you’ll be able to have fun and avoid adding inches to your waistline.

Lindsay Braid – Naturopath CBD Health.

Robert Fendall