5 Things to Know about Detoxing

Are you finding it hard to get back into work-life after the holidays? 
Have you let your health go over the festive season?  You’re not alone!

Many of us struggle to find the motivation to deal with the extra weight that creeps on over Christmas.   

Detoxing is an easy way to recalibrate your body and bring your energy, metabolism and health back on track. 

A well-balanced detox is like hitting the reset button, but it needs to be done right in order to be effective.   

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  1. Detoxing is not all about the liver, it’s a whole body process: 
    Your body relies on many systems and organs for detoxification.  The main areas that are stimulated during a detox are the liver, skin, lymphatic system, bowels, and kidneys.
    It’s a co-operative effort between all of these areas in order for the body to cleanse and detox effectively. 

  2. A detox can help to recalibrate your metabolism:  
    Detoxing improves liver, digestive and cellular function - the main areas of the body involved with metabolism.  You may notice this to be true as you begin to feel more energetic during and after a detox.

  3. Detoxing can help to improve your mood: 
    A cleaner, clearer body means more balance and clarity for the mind and emotions.

  4. Your body welcomes detoxification as part of its natural cycles:
    A detox program doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or extreme, and you certainly don’t need to starve yourself! In fact, the best detox supports your body’s systems with good nutrient intake i.e. food!

  5. Detoxing according to your individual needs can improve nearly every health condition or symptom. 

Feeling inspired to start a detox? Our clinic Naturopath, Eliza Blackwood, can help you!
Eliza offers  week, 6 week  detox programs as well as a specialised detox for problem skin called 'Deep Skin Detox'.  All programs are adjusted and adapted to each person's individual needs and health goals.  

To make an appointment with Eliza, call reception on 02 9299 1311 or book online via our website or Facebook page.