After your baby is born...

After delivery, postnatal check-ups help to facilitate the body’s recovery after the normal stresses of birth. Post-natal osteopathic treatment is especially beneficial if you have had a difficult / protracted labour, epidural or caesarean section.

Osteopathy can also assist with any postural changes and structural problems such as upper back or neck pain, which can be associated with feeding or carrying a growing infant. Such problems may in turn lead to breast congestion, blocked ducts or mastitis, all of which may respond well to osteopathic treatment.

The job of caring for a new baby can place enormous strain on the back. Things like breast feeding positions, lifting car capsules and prams, carrying your baby and reaching over the cot can put extra strain on your back.

A mother’s pelvis is vulnerable to lasting strains from the forces involved in giving birth, particularly if it was a difficult or lengthy delivery. An osteopathic check-up can help you to recover from the strains of birth as well as the early post-natal weeks. It can also help to prevent long term problems of the back, neck and pelvis. Unresolved childbirth stresses in the mother can contribute not only to ongoing back problems, but also to difficulties with menstruation, stress incontinence, and bowel problems such as constipation.

Breastfeeding can be a wonderful and rewarding experience for mum and baby, but the physical demands of feeding and poor feeding postures can lead to pain and discomfort. Osteopathic care can help your body cope with feeding postures to minimise spinal discomfort by usinggentle treatments which can help to keep circulation and drainage of the breast working to its optimum to help enhance breast health.

Overall, postnatal treatment can help with long term preventative care, allowing you to relax and enjoy your new baby.