Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage helps to re-educate and realign the body. After a massage you find you are much more aware of your body and your posture.  We walk around, drive around and sit for long periods of time, often without giving much thought to our posture. We may slump – putting pressure on the lower back, stick our neck out while driving, looking at your computer screen – causing neck, chest and shoulder pain. Carrying a heavy bag changes the dynamics of our hips and shoulders when we walk which can lead to lower back pain.

Clients often comment that they didn't know how tight they were until they had a remedial massage. Bringing conscious awareness to the body and its tight areas through massage helps us walk, sit, drive and perform daily activities with more awareness and better posture. Clients often notice more subtle changes in their body after they've had a massage, noticing when they start to get tight again. To prevent this tightness from building up again, we recommend some gentle stretching, have regular massages and be aware ofyour posture to prevent the tightness from developing or worsening. This leads to a more proactive or preventative approach to your health.

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