programmes offered in the acupuncture pregnancy clinic

Whether you are preparing to conceive, actively trying to conceive or embarking on IVF, Chinese medicine has a lot to offer you. Below are listed a number of different clinical programmes which have been designed to address the needs of couples facing the challenges of modern life while trying to maximise general and reproductive health.
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Preparing to Conceive– a healthy diet

There is much information and misinformation about what constitutes a good preconception diet. From a Chinese medicine point of view the middle road is usually the healthiest where moderation of some foods is recommended and a good balance of healthy and fresh fruits and vegetables with adequate protein is encouraged. A TCM practitioner takes into account the different constitution and situation of each individual before dietary advice is given.

A properly functioning digestive system is an important focus of treatment, so that nutrients are absorbed and utilised well. We will ask you about digestive issues such as bloating, bowel disorders, reflux, cravings or low appetite.

Preparing to conceive – weight loss

If you are overweight a little bit of weight loss goes a long way to improving fertility. Losing 5 kg is a manageable target for most and you can start now. Just moving your metabolism a little bit in the direction of burning off fat stores, can stimulate ovarian activity, improve egg and sperm quality and increase fertility.

Preparing to conceive – the eggs

The environment that eggs occupy during their lengthy maturation process in the ovary has an impact on what shape they are in before meeting a sperm (with or without an IVF embryologist in attendance).  They need a good blood supply, the right nutrients, the right hormone signals and the capacity to supply enough energy to the embryo.

This has important implications, particularly for eggs that are coming from slightly older ovaries (and possibly for eggs coming from women with PCOS or endometriosis). While no treatment can turn back the clock, or change the DNA, looking after the follicular environment that the eggs develop in can pay dividends. 

Preparing to conceive – the sperm

Many clinical trials in several countries have demonstrated a possible benefit of acupuncture treatment to some sperm parameters (references).  A meta analysis of some of these trials indicated that motility and count may be improved by acupuncture but it has been suggested that larger trials be done before definitive conclusions or clinical recommendations can be reached.

Preparing to conceive – A regular menstrual cycle

One of the things mentioned a lot in a traditional Chinese medicine gynaecology textbook, including the chapter on fertility, is the term “Regulating the Cycle”. What this refers to is the ideal of a 28 day menstrual cycle (give or take a few days), and a regular ovulation occurring around the middle of that cycle. This is one of the first aims of much TCM treatment of gynaecological disorders. A regular menstrual cycle is an indication of good ovary function and good hormone balance.

Preparing to conceive – immune factors

Implantation of the embryo in the uterus is a vital and pivotal event which determines the success of an ongoing pregnancy after conception, or after transfer of an embryo in an IVF cycle.
The crucial role that the immune system plays in the process of implantation and the development of the placenta is gradually being elucidated though there is much we still don’t know. A positive finding of immune factors like anti-cardiolipin antibodies, anti- thyroid antibodies, anti-nuclear antibodies or an excess of some types of NK cells can indicate that there may be subtle imbalances in the immune environment of the uterus which are not conducive to establishing a healthy pregnancy.

Preparing to conceive – PCOS

Women with PCOS, particularly those with irregular or infrequent periods, have their own particular challenges when it comes to conceiving.  We don’t yet fully understand the causes of PCOS however research being carried out around the world is exploring the impact that acupuncture may have on reducing some of the factors that operate to prevent polycystic ovaries working properly.

Preparing to conceive – endometriosis

Endometriosis can damage ovary function (AMH is reduced in endometriosis patients) and can negatively impact the immune milieu (inflammatory cytokines are raised) and affects the lining of the uterus and its implantation sites. We use acupuncture to manage the symptoms of endometriosis like pain and menstrual disturbance.

Acupuncture is best performed at specific times of the menstrual cycle. These will be decided in conjunction with your practitioner and will depend on your symptom picture and whether or not you are actively trying to conceive.

Preparing to conceive – stress management

Stress, for most of us living and working in modern cities, is part of life. However it can get a lot worse when you are not conceiving as easily as you thought you would. And in a cruel vicious cycle, stress can have a negative impact on fertility. Women who are more stressed have reduced fertility, and during IVF cycles have lower embryo implantation rates. Stress has also been shown to affect semen quality.

For all these reasons acupuncture can be useful at specific times of the menstrual or the IVF cycle.

Acupuncture is well known for its ability to relax the patient and this has been demonstrated in an IVF setting. Our patients frequently comment on how relaxed they feel after their treatments.

Preparing to conceive – sleep quality

The connection between sleep and fertility is not always self evident, although getting to bed early with your partner may for some couples have obvious benefits.
You may not realise that the quality and quantity of your sleep influences sex hormones, sperm production, ovulation, immune factors, weight gain, mood, stress levels and longevity as well as the more obvious stamina.

Getting enough good quality sleep is an essential part of preparing for conception for all these reasons. A number of trials have found that acupuncture helps people with insomnia although different methodolgies have made meta-analyses difficult, and firm conclusions therefore difficult.

Preparing to conceive together

It takes two and this stressful journey is traveled more easily when the two of you do it together, supporting each other. Whether it is unexplained infertility, male factor or ovarian issues, focusing on improving general health and the health of the gametes on both sides often provides the solution when nothing else is working. Many of the couples we have treated have voiced an appreciation of the emotional and psychological benefits they experience when they come for treatments together.

Embarking on IVF

Acupuncture to prepare for frozen embryo transfer

Many IVF clinics like to transfer embryos into a natural environment. Embryos that have been frozen and successfully thawed are transferred back into a uterus in its natural state at exactly the right time for implantation. Using electro-stimulation on acupuncture points on the abdomen in the months and weeks before the transfer, has been shown to improve the structure of the uterine lining, and improve the implantation and pregnancy rate.

Acupuncture before and during the medication phase of IVF

This treatment schedule is based on protocols used in clinical trials which demonstrate increased blood supply to the uterus and a regulation of hormones which may be important to follicle development and implantation. Recent analyses of the benefit of IVF patients receiving acupuncture have shown that patients who have treatment before and during the stimulation and implantation phases benefit more than those that have acupuncture only on the day of embryo transfer (reference)

Acupuncture on the day of embryo transfer (including frozen embryo transfer)

These one or two treatments are based on protocols used in clinical trials some of which showed an increase in pregnancy rates in certain groups of women receiving acupuncture (most commonly those for whom the expected pregnancy rate was 30% or less). The most recent study has found that such a small “dose” of acupuncture showed no effect on live birth rate in a large population of women of all ages undergoing IVF, compared with sham acupuncture . Some researchers report better results with more frequent administration of acupuncture before and during the stimulation phase of the IVF cycle. (You can find the references for these trials here).

In our clinic we find that IVF patients appreciate the calm and relaxation that acupuncture brings on this special day, and gives them space to honour the arrival of the precious embryo.

Acupuncture at any phase of the IVF cycle

Acupuncture may be useful in managing any side effects experienced during an IVF cycle. Reduced fatigue, stress, moodiness, abdomen swelling and discomfort and other side effects are reported by many women using acupuncture during their IVF cycle. In addition women report greater relaxation and control of anxiety (reference), and overall greater resilience. The acupuncture treatment will be different for each patient and depends on symptoms.

Acupuncture after egg collection

Some IVF patients may benefit from having an acupuncture treatment the day or two after egg collection, to help reduce any discomfort from local tissue trauma or bleeding, and help prepare the environment for the arrival of an embryo.

Acupuncture before the pregnancy test

Many IVF patients find the “two week wait” the hardest part (even when its only 10 days!). Acupuncture may be used during this time to keep the mind calm and the stress hormones low.

Now you are pregnant

Acupuncture during the first few weeks of pregnancy

Regular monitoring of the pulse (a TCM diagnostic technique) and regular treatment with acupuncture designed to reduce anxiety may offer you important and reassuring support during these first few weeks of pregnancy. 

A happy and healthy pregnancy

You may have had a long journey with plenty of medical intervention to get this far. Now is the time to relax, let mother nature do her job and enjoy your swelling belly. However should any minor pregnancy disorders develop, you may find acupuncture helpful.

Preparing for labour

Many pregnant women like to prepare themselves for labour and for the arrival of their new baby, both emotionally and physically. Birth centre midwifes often recommend acupuncture from week 36 as a support for this process.

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