Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy combines the ancient teachings of yoga with modern medical science. A yoga therapist is a yoga teacher who has had further training in the use of yoga to heal specific problems and who applies the principles of yoga therapy to each person according to their age, strength and activities.

Your first class will be an initial assessment, your individual needs including your health problems and your personal goals will be discussed and assessed.

Our practitioner will design and teach you a short program of movements and breathing techniques, this will be tailored to your particular needs and easy to understand in order to practice at home. This will allow you to work on increasing your flexibility, improving your alignment, and increasing your strength and fitness. We may also suggest some simple diet and lifestyle changes.

Your progress will be reviewed and your programme will be adjusted so that you continue to be challenged and to make progress.

Yoga therapy emphasises the link between the body, the breath and the mind. When yoga postures are done with appropriate breathing, stress is reduced and the mind becomes calm. In this way, yoga can provide the foundation for perfect health.

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